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IHS has created COVID-19 response programming to help employers like you provide the most support to staff during these incredibly stressful times. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released a report to delve further into how employees are coping, based on data collected in April 2020 from over 1,000 US employees. The results show employees struggling with depression and exhaustion, while failing to take care of themselves well.

  • Nearly 1 in 4 employees feel depressed

  • Over 40% are dealing with exhaustion

  • More than one in five have trouble concentrating

  • Over a third have a lack of energy

  • Only 7% have reached out to a mental health professional

  • Over 40% struggle with their work-family balance


As you know, resources such as mindfulness and meditation tools, tips for stress relief, and regular body-centered practices can help staff build these lifelines into their workday.



IHS COVID-19 Response Programming for your Worksite

Morning Meditation (30-minute Zoom sessions) Reset and Refresh 12-week series

Morning Meditation (30-minute Zoom sessions) Reset and Refresh 12-week series

(classes can begin as early as 7:00 am) Encourage your staff to take care of themselves before taking care of others. They can join one (or all) weekly drop-in mindfulness meditation session. Each 30-minute Zoom session includes guided meditation practice and standing stretches. No prior experience is necessary. Pre-registration required in advance. Employees may register once to attend any or all 12 sessions.

Webinar: Practicing Self-Care While Working from Home (45-minutes)

Webinar: Practicing Self-Care While Working from Home (45-minutes)

Working from home is a wonderful opportunity to support our livelihood and it can also, at times, feel like a juggling act. Offer your staff this 45-minute webinar and explore the importance of self-care, offer practical and do-able strategies to build into their workday and spend some time reconnecting with their bodies. This webinar consists of 15-minutes of presentation and 20-minutes of body-centered practice.

Virtual Chair Yoga (30-minute Zoom sessions) 12-week series

Virtual Chair Yoga (30-minute Zoom sessions) 12-week series

Encourage staff to take a healthy break! This online weekly 30-minute class offers quick and easy stretches staff can do right at their desk. And remember, chair yoga is not just for seniors. Everyone can benefit from a time-out. Give your team the gift of self-care and encourage them to move and stretch their necks, shoulders, backs and legs!

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Offering exciting new webinars and classes designed to help you and your staff manage the high levels of stress and to ward off depression during this ongoing challenging time for our nation and the world.

You can also discuss pricing options including how to offer gift certificates that your staff can use for private meditation or private virtual coaching sessions. 

*Please note that IHS pricing and refund policy does not apply to classes offered at the Women's Medicine Collaborative (WMC). IHS and its employees are a hired contractor at WMC and does not set pricing nor do participants pay IHS directly. All financial transactions for MBSR at the WMC are solely between participants and the WMC. As such the WMC pricing and refund policy applies to all MBSR courses offered at the WMC.

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Private sessions are being offered telephonically, via Zoom or for those seeking in-person your choice of outdoor location.

Weather permitting and social distancing practices followed:



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