health coaching that is medically tested

evidence-based research

Research findings on integrative health coaching as reported in the Journal of General Internal Medicine and Diabetes Educator:

  A Multidimensional Integrative Medicine Intervention to Improve Cardiovascular Risk ​​  


  • Randomized 154 primary care patients
  • 10 months Personal Health Planning led by health coaches
  • Usual Care
  • Baseline Health Risk Assessment, created health vision and goals
  • Group education and individual phone coaching


Improved readiness to change, health behaviors (eating, exercise) and
reduced cardiovascular disease risks related to weight loss and increased exercise. – Edelman et al. (2006). Journal of General Internal Medicine




Integrative Health Coaching for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes:

A Randomized Clinical Trial

  • 56 patients with Type 2 Diabetes randomized to usual care or 14 x 30 phone coaching sessions over 6 months
  • 55% <$50K annual household income
  • 59% minorities
  • 59% without college degrees
  • Coaching clients defined individualized vision for health with goals aligning with life values


Those in integrative health coaching improved:

  • Patient activation
  • Health behavioral (exercise, medical adherence)
  • Psychosocial outcomes (social support, benefit-finding)
  • Biological indices (A1c improved with those with baseline poor glycemic control)
  • When usual care group was given integrative health coaching, also saw improvements in mood, perceived stress, quality of life and negative perception of illness.

– Wolever et al, Diabetes Educator, Volume 36, No. 4, July/August 2010.

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