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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) FAQ


Here are some questions we often hear regarding interest in taking our MBSR class.


Is this the same course that comes from UMass Medical School's (now UMass Memorial Health's )Center for Mindfulness?


Yes! Your instructor was trained at and is qualified to teach MBSR through the Center for Mindfulness. If you are considering attending another program, make sure the instructor is either a CFM qualified or CFM certified instructor.


What's the time commitment?


MBSR is an invitation to make significant changes to the way that you live and meet the challenges of your daily life. In light of this, you are asked to attend the 8 weekly sessions and the all day class. 


Please look at all of the class dates as well as the date for our day of mindfulness prior to registering. If you know you are going to have a conflict with one of those dates, please notify your instructor at the orientation. If you have a conflict with 2 or more dates, we recommend waiting and taking the course when you can commit fully to the program.


Will there be homework?


Yes. In addition to your attendance in class, it is also expected that you will listen to and practice with our guided audio files 6 times a week for 30-45 minutes per day. By exploring different modalities of formal mindfulness practices in this way, you are giving yourself the greatest chance to develop and maintain a daily practice.


Do I have to attend the orientation session in order to take the class?


Yes. All participants interested in attending the MBSR class are required to attend the mandatory free orientation. The orientation session is designed to give you a deeper understanding of this nationally recognized stress reduction program and how it can assist you with being an active participant in your our wellness journey.


You will learn about the history of the program, research findings and you will experience a guided meditation for yourself. You will also have an opportunity to meet the class instructor and see if MBSR is a good fit for you by completing a wellness questionnaire.


Class registration materials will be available on-site. Please plan on attending the entire time to allow for the presentation, for paperwork, registration and a brief interview.


How do I know if MBSR is appropriate for me at this time?


Participating in an MBSR class can be a positive and life transforming experience. At the same time, meditation practice can be strenuous and requires some stability of physical and psychological health.

If you have recently experienced considerable trauma, significant depression or anxiety, or are currently experiencing strong PTSD (post traumatic stress), mbsr may not be appropriate for you at this time in your life. A therapist can help you assess the wisest course of action for you. You will also have a private consultation with the instructor at the end of the orientation. Please share any concerns you may have during this consultation.



What is included in the MBSR course cost?

The fee includes the orientation session, 4 guided downloadable MP3-format meditation and yoga sessions, weekly handouts, and all 9 instructor-led classes (this includes 8 classes plus the all day class). The fee is required in full and prior to the start of the course unless you have signed up for our payment plan option. (Please ask about this option at the orientation).

*Please note that IHS pricing and refund policy does not apply to classes offered at Lifespan's Lifestyle Medicine Center (LMC). IHS and its employees are a hired contractor at LMC and does not set pricing nor do participants pay IHS directly. All financial transactions for MBSR at the LMC are solely between participants and the LMC. As such the LMC pricing and refund policy applies to all MBSR courses offered at the LMC.

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