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"The 15-minute physician visit – can no longer accomplish what society expects"                                                                                  –Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, and Brian Yoshio Laing, BS, The Teamlet Model of Primary Care

Roter DL, Hall JA. Studies of doctor-patient interaction. Annu Rev Public Health. 1989; 10:163-180.

coaching can help create balance which leads to increased wellbeing


Health coaching helps patients achieve better lifestyles


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by Lisa S. on 10/31/2011 8:49:47 AM MST


The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is all about helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health … and sometimes you need a coach to get there.

Westminster Medical Clinic’s health coaching program gives individualized attention to patients with chronic conditions. Some may not fully understand their illnesses or what they can do to manage them. Others may have trouble sticking to their care plans or lose focus on their health goals. Eligible patients meet with a health coach in six one-hour visits over three months to address their physical, emotional, nutritional and exercise needs. The program aims to prevent serious events that can arise from unmanaged chronic disease.


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One of the most important aspects of providing primary care is assisting patients with changing their health behaviors. We understand your time is limited and can compliment your efforts with individualized health coaching that qualifies for insurance reimbursement.

* Most insurance companies cover health coaching visits under the “800 rule” created by the Colorado Medical Society in 2010.


The primary function of the health coach is to assist patients with self-management of their chronic conditions.


Specifically, health coaches:


  • help patient set an agenda for their medical visit

  • make sure patient understands specific medical recommendations

  • determine whether patient agrees with their care plans

  • provide individualized, on-going support to patients efforts in adopting healthy behaviors

  • assist patients with improving medication understanding and adherence

  • function as a cultural bridge, point of access, and peer-support

IHS offers solid and reliable best practices for behavioral and lifestyle change by using the latest evidence-based training and techniques from Duke Integrative Medicine and the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Center for Mindfulness.


Read the latest research findings on health coaching.


Learn more about integrative health coaching.




Health coaches increase quality & revenue in medical practices and help providers work at the top of their licence.


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