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worksite wellness

worksite wellness programming

IHS takes the guesswork out of worksite wellness planning...

We offer 3 easy to understand

Program Options

because you know-


Does the thought of planning your annual wellness calendar make you want to grab your soft pants and hide? 


You know you need to take action. But you haven’t done anything. Yet.


Maybe it's because...

  • You don’t want to fail

  • You’re not sure how to begin

  • You want to make the right decision

  • You don't have the time to figure this out

  • You want quality programming with real connection


Happy Woman

We get it. You have enough to-do's in your day.

That's why IHS created an intuitive

(think plug-and-play) solution for busy professionals like you!


None of the mystery -  just straightforward and easy to understand memberships.


That's right...

No more endless hours playing phone tag,  followed by a game of calendar shuffleboard.

How?  (keep reading...)


IHS chose to take a bold stance in the marketplace by offering transparent pricing and online booking so you can spend less time on the phone, or in meetings talking about employee wellness, and more time actually experiencing it.  


Choose from one of three membership options

specifically designed to easily guide you through the process of caring for your staff

Worried about limited options?




We've got you covered with best selling a la carte programs guaranteed to match your organization's unique needs whether you belong to a small, medium or large-scale organization.

Choose from one of the three membership options below

Smiling woman

One live-online class

Youth Conference

One live-online class


One webinar 

Three live-online classes 


One webinar 


Worksite Wellness Classes


Virtual Walking Group


Deep Relaxation


Chair Yoga

sitting meditation_edited.png

Reset & Refresh

Worksite Wellness Webinars


Mindful Eating

self care.jpg

Practicing Self-Care While Working

From Home

Power Down cover_edited.jpg

Power Down, Power Up

Kindness at Work_edited.jpg

Meditation for the Absolute Beginner

Creating Optimal Health image.jpg

Creating Your

Optimal Health Vision

Mindful Communication.jpg

Mindful Communication: Staying Calm When it Counts

Balancing Rocks

Exploring Energy Medicine

cultivating self-compassion.jpg


for Caregivers

Webinar 2

You can choose to offer the same program each month or mix it up 

Mindful Movement Class
Walking Club

Curious about the difference between a class and a webinar? Keep reading...

Class: Offered live-online for 30-minutes. Interactive and experiential activities that staff participate in by following along. (ex: meditating, practicing mindful movement, walking). 

Webinar: Offered live-online for 30 or 45-minutes (your choice; same rate), health education presentation style designed to educate and inspire your staff on a particular theme/topic. 

employee meditating at work

Self-care for you and your staff

Join one of our membership plans to get energized and feel rejuvenated.

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